5 Ways to Make Money Online in 2018

There are so many ways of killing a rat. Similarly, there are numerous ways through which one can generate dollars. Traditionally, one had to seek a white color job or do the manual work to make money. Today, the internet has presented extra ways of making money online. Many are tempted to think that the online options are easier. However, they too require a high level of commitment and determination. Anik Singal will explain to you how tough his journey has been up the ladder. At the end of the tunnel, however, lies sweet fruits. You may be asking how you can get there. Well, here are the options.

1. Email marketing

Many will argue whether this option really needs to be on this list. However, I am confident email marketing has earned its space here. It’s a form of marketing where you send out advertising messages or notifications to build trust and stronger relationships with customers and prospects.

Most of the marketers don’t know how to make the most of this option. That’s why you hear them saying it doesn’t work. With simple, consistent, relevant and timely messages, your email marketing will return dollars. People could be tired of the hundreds of emails they receive on daily basis, but they never get tired from buying stuff. Get their attention, and they will come running to buy. If you are looking to break into the email marketing space in 2018 then you owe it to yourself to check out Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2018

inbox blueprint anik singalThis new and improved course by Anik (founder or Lurn) is set to be released at the beginning of this year.

If you are looking for a blueprint that teaches you step by step how to make money with email marketing then this one might be for you. You can learn more about Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint review and make the best decision for your email marketing in 2018.

2. Affiliate marketing

To make money online, you don’t need to run a business. Your business could actually be linked to other companies. You search for the top selling products and start advertising them for commissions. If you are excellent in marketing, this is the option to go with. You can get as high as 25% commission for products sold.

3. Ecommerce

It’s the option every business is adopting. You actually have a shop or some kind of inventory somewhere. You then create a website that acts as your business hub. On the internet is where customers can get all the data about you. You produce items that are then showcased beautifully on the website. Customers who log in get to see them and place orders on what they need. Delivery then follows and money comes last after everything is done.

4. Drop shipping

Just like in affiliate marketing, you also don’t require an inventory. However, a unique brand is mandatory. It means that the manufacturer does the work of producing products which you can then differentiate and sell as your own. There is only one Samsung manufacturer. However, there are so many online platforms where you can order Samsung products. All these are drop shipping money making businesses on the web.

5. Blogging

This one is for the passionate writers who are willing to create interesting content even on simple topics. Blogging will take you a bit of time before real money flows in. with persistence, you get there eventually.